The purpose of this initiative is to help your diocese permanently increase its annual appeal income.

Catholic Extension has partnered with the International Catholic Stewardship Council (ICSC) to provide approximately 800 hours of consultative support to the diocese. The agreement covers 75 percent of the costs of this initiative.

Enhance the spirit of stewardship and build a foundation of support for Catholics throughout your diocese.

This initiative would take place over a 22-month period, beginning in January 2013 and ending in October 2014. Proven stewardship experts from the ICSC network, who have many years of experience working in the Catholic Church, will help the diocese implement specific techniques to promote greater participation in the appeal and an increased return on investment.

In addition, consultants provide information on advanced stewardship formation, technological consultation, assessment and planning, implementation strategies, and pledge management support. They will make periodic trips to the diocese, as necessary, to accomplish the various phases of this work.

Catholic Extension and ICSC have set a mutual goal that by the end of this two-year process, each participating diocese will experience a financial increase of at least 10 percent in their annual appeal. If a diocese falls short of this goal after fully participating in the program, Catholic Extension will refund the diocese’s financial commitment to the initiative.

Duration: 1.75 years
Value to Participating Diocese: $45,000 (per diocese)


Diocesan Appeals Enhancement Overview


To Apply

  1. Applications for this initiative are currently closed.


For more information

Contact Terry Witherell, Senior Director of Mission, at 508.668.1786 or