2015 Lumen Christi Award

This year, Catholic Extension will be celebrating the 39th anniversary of our Lumen Christi Award, which is Latin for "Light of Christ.”  This annual award has been presented to a woman religious, priest or lay person who has demonstrated how the power of faith can transform lives and communities.  These recipients have devoted their lives to serving the poor in the most under-resourced dioceses in to the United States and to fostering Catholic communities that build faith, inspire hope and ignite change.

The Lumen Christi Award is accompanied by a $50,000 grant, with the honoree and nominating diocese each receiving $25,000 to enhance a specific area of his or her ministry. Prior to awarding the grant, Catholic Extension will discuss and agree upon the use of the grant with both the recipient and the recipient's diocese.

Submit a nomination today, and your diocese will benefit just by recognizing and celebrating an individual or group of individuals who build faith, inspire hope and ignite change in your local community.  Your diocese's nominee will automatically receive $1,000 in support of his or her ministry.  If the nominee is selected as a finalist, a $10,000 grant will be awarded.


Nomination Guidelines, Requirements & FAqs

To view nomination guidelines, requirements and frequently asked questions, click here.

Required forms for a nomination


Letters of Recommendation

  • One letter is required from the bishop of the nominating diocese.
  • Up to two additional letters of recommendation may be submitted.
  • Address letters to "Lumen Christi Award Judge."


  • One picture is required of the nominee and two additional photos may be submitted.
  • Acceptable formats include JPG, TIF and GIF.

Video (highly recommended)

  • Record a short (one minute) video showing the nominee's ministry and the places and people they work with, to show how the nominee is transforming lives through the power of faith. This can be as basic as a manually shot video on a cell phone, so that we can share it on our social media platforms.
  • Videos can be sent to Catholic Extension by using www.wetransfer.com and addressing the transfer to socialmedia@catholicextension.org.

News Articles or other Letters of Recommendation (if available)

  • A maximum of three may be submitted.
  • Acceptable formats include PDF, JPG, TIF or GIF.

All nominations must be received by February 26, 2016.


How to submit a 2016 Lumen Christi Award Nomination

Follow these steps to complete a 2016 Lumen Christi Award nomination:

  1. Review the Frequently Asked Questions and Lumen Christi Award Guidelines (above).
  2. Collect the necessary nomination information, including the letter of endorsement from the bishop of the mission diocese, other letters of reccommendation, photographs of nominee, and news articles (if available).
  3. Click here to complete the online nomination form and upload all attachments by Friday, February 26, 2016.

Catholic Extension will announce the 2016 Lumen Christi Award recipient this summer, and will follow the announcement with an award presentation in the recipient's diocese in Fall 2016.


Check out the list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Rob Anderson
Director of Mission

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