Nomination Guidelines & Requirements

  • Nominations must be submitted by a U.S. mission diocese.
  • Nominees must be actively involved in a ministry.
  • Individuals/groups may be re-nominated from previous years.
  • Dioceses that have received the award in the past must wait three years before submitting a new nomination. For example, the diocese of the 2012 Lumen Christi Award recipient will be eligible to submit a nomination in 2016. Past award recipients are not eligible.
  • If a mission diocese wishes to nominate more than one individual and/or group, please contact us to discuss details.
  • All forms must be completed and returned to Catholic Extension by February 19, 2013.


Can a previous finalist be re-nominated for the 2013 Lumen Christi Award?
Yes!  A prior nomination, or selection as a finalist in a previous year, does not prevent a person or group from being re-nominated for the 2013 Lumen Christi Award.  Some previous Lumen Christi Award recipients had been finalists in earlier years, while others have been first-time nominees.  Only prior final award recipients are no longer eligible.

Can a diocese nominate more than one person/ministry for the 2013 Lumen Christi Award?
While there certainly may be many outstanding potential candidates in each diocese, we encourage the diocese to work with your bishop to select and present the single best nomination for the Lumen Christi Award.  If there are special circumstances and the diocese wishes to submit more than one nomination, we would ask that you first contact the Catholic Extension Mission Department to discuss the nominations in advance.

Who should fill out the Lumen Christi Award nomination Form?
We recommend that Lumen Christi Award nominations be coordinated through each diocese’s primary diocesan contact.  This person will be familiar with the nomination form and online application system, and already will have a login to our online nomination system.  He or she also will be able to collect all potential nominations from within the diocese and work with the bishop to select the best candidate for nomination.  For a list of primary diocesan contacts, please click here.

Can a person or group doing ministry in a non-mission diocese be nominated?
Lumen Christi Award nominations may only be considered from individuals or groups who are performing their work and ministry in one of Catholic Extension’s 91 mission dioceses.  For a full list of current mission dioceses, please click here.

How is the Lumen Christi Award recipient chosen?
The Lumen Christi Award recipient is selected after two rounds of voting.  The first round relies on the participation of regional judges in addition to public support through online voting. Based on these rankings, award finalists are determined.  The final round of judging begins with final judges reviewing information about the finalists as well as another round of online voting for this select group.  Each finalist receives a composite score based on final judges and online voting to help decide the final Lumen Christi Award recipient.

When will finalists and the 2013 Lumen Christi Award recipient be announced?
Finalists for the 2013 Lumen Christi Award are expected to be announced in April, with the final recipient determined and announced during summer 2013.  These schedules may be subject to change to allow appropriate time for judges’ considerations, coordination with the finalist, diocesan schedules and other factors.