Fall 2019

Encounter! Stories of encounter—what happens when we allow ourselves to be transformed by our interaction with others, especially the poor, the vulnerable and the marginalized. Read more>


Spring Extension Magazine 2019Spring 2019

Feminine Genius Women lifting up the Church. Read more>




Winter 2018

#WhyImCatholic A new campaign seeks to unify Catholics. Read more>



Fall 2018

Hope and Energy on the Peripheries. In regions of America, particularly the Southwest, parishes are expanding, such as Sacred Heart Church in Hidalgo, Texas. Read more>


Extension Magazine Spring 2018Spring 2018

With God We Will Rise. Puerto Rican Churches Live the Gospel in Time of Trouble. Read more>



Winter 2017

Blessed Stanley Rother, Pray for Us. Catholic Extension donors helped fund the seminary education of the Oklahoma martyr who became the first U.S.-born beatified man.  Read more>



Fall 2017

Sisterhood in Action. Women religious in mission dioceses dedicate their lives to reaching out to and proclaiming the good news to the poor. 

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Summer 2017

Catholic Extension in Texas. In this issue of Extension, we take a tour of our commitment to the growing Church in Texas--from seminarian support to the construction and repair of church buildings. 

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Spring 2017

Extension's Chancellor Becomes a Cardinal. A Catholic Extension pilgrimage to Rome and Assisi witnesses a papal consistory and evokes the spirit of three men named Francis- St. Francis, Pope Francis and Father Francis Clement Kelley. 

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Fall/Winter 2016

Healing the Wounded Hearts of Children. In this issue of Extension, we highlight the work of Melva Arbelo, the 2016-2017 recipient of the Lumen Christi Award. 

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Summer 2016

Millennials in the Church. In this issue of Extension, we highlight the new generation of young Catholics who are emerging as leaders in the Church.

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Spring 2016

Today's Good Samaritans. In this issue of Extension, those in the Church who are living out the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy in their ministries.

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The Joy of the Gospel. In this issue of Extension, we highlight those embracing Pope Francis' call to go 'go out to the peripheries.'

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FALL 2015

Faith Starts at Home. In this issue of Extension, we highlight how Pope Francis inspires us to build families in America.

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Hearts on Fire. In this issue of Extension, we highlight young Catholics with a passion for Jesus and for helping their peers.

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Fall 2014 Extension MagazineWINTER 2014

Deep in the Heart of Texas. In this issue of Extension, we highlight an area of our country where we are witnessing new hope and possibility.

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Fall 2014 Extension MagazineFALL 2014

The Missionary Call. In this issue, we celebrate the many individuals who are responding to the call of Pope Francis to bring the Catholic Church to the margins.

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Summer 2014 Extension MagazineSUMMER 2014

Serving God and Country. In this issue, features stories about individuals and ministries that are dedicated to uplifting our military personnel and their families. We also pay tribute to those who served in years past, with courage and loyalty, to uphold the freedoms we enjoy. In our devotion to serve God and country, we are united.

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Spring 201 Extension MagazineSpring 2014

Witnessing Joy; Revitalizing America's Mission Spirit In this issue we celebrate the first anniversary of the election of Pope Francis and reflect on his First Exhortation, as well as how Catholic Extension is spreading the joy.

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Winter 2013 Extension MagazineChristmas 2013

Celebrating the Season: He Has Come for All.  Read about our 2013 Lumen Christi Award recipients, Jose and Digna R. Lopez, along with other stories about God coming for all of us: the experience of a newly ordained priest from war-torn Syria, a laywoman serving the homeless in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and several Catholic migrant farmworker communities.

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Spring 2013 Extension MagazineFall 2013

Young People, Dream Great Things: Our Fall 2013 issue of Extension magazine highlights young adults in the Church.  Featuring a column from Bishop Tyson on seminarian service, a perspective from author Tim Muldoon on keeping young people connected, and the 2013 Lumen Christi Award finalists.

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Spring 2013 Extension MagazineSummer 2013

The Summer 2013 issue of Extension magazine is a commemorative issue highlighting Pope Francis' call for the Church to be present to the poor. This issue includes commentary from Cardinal George and Cardinal O'Malley.

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Spring 2013 Extension MagazineSpring 2013

The Spring 2013 issue of Extension magazine covers the 500th anniversary of the Church in the Americas and an incredible annual procession for the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe in New Mexico.

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Catholic Extension's annual Christmas issue features the 2012 Lumen Christi Award recipients, the Felician Sisters, holy men and women from mission dioceses (Fr. Rother, Bishop Baraga, St. Kateri), and a commentary from Hosffman Ospino about Latinos on the path to canonization.

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Fall 2012

In this issue, you'll join us in exploring our mission of extending faith like never before. Read about our initiatives to strengthen Catholic schools, develop lay leadership and nurture campus ministries. Together with our mission dioceses, we are extending the faith to ensure the growth and vibrancy of the Catholic Church across America!

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Summer 2012Summer 2012

Explore one of the most well-known legacies of Catholic Extension; in this issue, you’ll read about the churches you have helped us build across America. Learn how your generous gifts have been used to build communities of faith that extend beyond those physical church walls. You’ll also meet the 2012 Lumen Christi Award finalists—join us in celebrating these hidden heroes who are spreading the light of Christ in the mission dioceses.

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Spring 2012

Celebrate a new springtime in the Church with Catholic Extension! In this issue, discover how increasing numbers of men with vocations to the priesthood offer the promise of a bright future for our country’s mission dioceses.

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Christmas 2011

In our 2011 Christmas Wish List, discover 25 ways that Catholic Extension donors can respond to the most heartfelt needs of poor mission dioceses. Also, help us celebrate Sister Gabriella Williams, OP, the 2011 Lumen Christi Award recipient whose inspiring work has touched the lives of migrant farm workers in the Coachella Valley of southern California.

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Fall 2011

Rejoice in the inspiring work of the current and future leaders of the Church! Read about young students from Frances Xavier Warde School in Chicago who are learning stewardship along with math and science. You’ll also meet our 2011 Lumen Christi nominees and a group of dynamic young adults poised to make a big difference at home in their mission dioceses.

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Summer 2011

Just as Pope Benedict called for a “New Evangelization,” Catholic Extension is on a mission to build faith, inspire hope and ignite change across our country. Discover the many ways that Catholics in poor mission dioceses are taking this call to heart. From a port-side ministry to a festival with deeply spiritual roots, efforts of evangelization are prevalent across our great land.

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Spring 2011

Catholic Extension brings you the stories of faith-filled young adults who, even in the face of struggle, remain committed to making a difference in their communities. You’ll also meet youth ministers from across the country who are mobilizing the young people in their dioceses, preparing them to embrace their role as the future of our Catholic Church.

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Christmas 2010

Join us as we spotlight the work of Father Ed Kohler, pastor of Little Flower Parish, who has served the Blackfeet Nation for more than 35 years. Our 2010 Lumen Christi Award recipient, Father Kohler has been a source of hope for a faith community stricken with poverty and social issues.

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Fall 2010

Join us on a Journey Across America! Peruse this special photo issue for a glimpse of the faces and the landscapes that continuously inspire our mission to support the Catholic Church in the United States.

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Summer 2010

Uncover the promising future of the Church in America. From increasing numbers of enthusiastic young priests to an institute designed to train dynamic lay leaders, these stories highlight the inspiring leaders who will carry Catholics into the next generation.

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