Page 15 - Catholic Extension 2019 Annual Report
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I I want to to express how much I I appreciate your support and what it means to to me Without your financial help I would not be able to pursue my vocation Earlier in my life I’d heard God’s call but wasn’t ready I I pursued a a a a a a a doctorate in in psychology and worked as a a a a a a a doctor particularly in in mental health But something was was missing in in in in my life Then I realized God was was calling me me to bring my professional gifts to serve Him I am grateful for all the dimensions of seminary that are deeply shaping my experience: the the academics brotherhood bonding my teaching parish daily community Mass and and prayer spiritual direction and and formation I am filled with joy to to to to grow closer to to to to God and to to to to bring Christ to to to to the people in in my my diocese Becoming a a priest is a a perfect fit for my my soul Yours in Christ Christian Melendez
Christian Melendez
originally from Puerto Rico is is a a a a a a seminarian in in in the Diocese of Yakima Washington He is is in his second year of of Theology at St Mary of of the Lake Seminary in in in in in Mundelein Illinois During the summer of 2019 he coordinated Yakima’s Literacy Wagon Program which served 150 children of farmworkers 15 

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