Catholic Extension has engaged in a partnership with Loyola Marymount University’s Catholic School Leadership Academy to offer a graduate level virtual online Certificate in Catholic School Administration program to novice and prospective leaders in Catholic schools in poor mission dioceses. Although leadership development is often identified as a strategic concern for Catholic schools in mission dioceses, these schools often lack opportunities for professional development due to barriers of cost and distance. This agreement covers 80 percent of the cost of tuition, as well as funding for technology, resources and travel to an orientation on campus at Loyola Marymount University in early August of 2017.

This unique and successful educational program professional development that is specific to the Catholic school administration context. The one-year (4 course/10 graduate level units) program is designed to address three major themes in Catholic school administration: mission effectiveness, operational management, and instructional leadership. All of the certificate coursework will count toward a Master of Arts in Catholic School Administration at LMU.

Students will be asked to commit a minimum of 2 years of service to a Catholic school in their diocese after they successfully complete the certificate program. Additionally, at the conclusion of the program students will be asked to apply their new skills by implementing a specific project that will enhance their local Catholic school in a strategic area identified by the principal.

Read how participation in the Catholic School Leadership Development program helped Madeline Lyon become an exceptional leader in the Diocese of Gallup.


Feedback from Participants:

  • "When I first arrived at LMU to begin my course work, I was pretty much burnt out with my position as a school principal ... (in this program) from day one I encountered hope.  Throughout the year, I grew in wisdom and confidence in my role as a Catholic school Principal.  As we begin a new school year, our school is stronger than ever because of the vision Catholic Extension and Loyola had in helping me and others grow"
  • "I found the interaction of the people in the cohort very helpful. It was enlightening, humbling, and motivating to hear about our similarities and how we work through difficulties and the nuances of our Catholic identity."
  • "The course has been very helpful to assist me in my work as an Administrator of a Catholic School that has struggled with leadership in the past. The course has forced me to go out of my comfort zone to apply difficult approaches to leading a Catholic school."
  • "I learned some valuable leadership qualities about myself through the readings and research about St. Ignatius that I can apply to my interactions in my job as a teacher."