In this monthly series, Father Jack Wall and Dr. Tim Muldoon offer a unique perspective on Catholicism in America.


March 2020

Celebrating the Gifts of Extraordinary Women in the Church by Dr. Tim Muldoon


February 2020

Extraordinary Mission Work in Ordinary Time by Dr. Tim Muldoon


January 2020

These newly built churches are signs of a new Springtime for the Church by Dr. Tim Muldoon


December 2019

Tragedy in El Paso, Hope in Shreveport: God is With Us. by Dr. Tim Muldoon


November 2019

Catholic sisters are few, but their impact is growing across America. Here's how. by Dr. Tim Muldoon


October 2019

How Lumen Christi Award finalists live out missionary discipleship by Dr. Tim Muldoon

September 2019

A broken immigration system decimates families, communities, and local economies. But the Church offers hope. by Dr. Tim Muldoon

August 2019

Let's teach our children to be generous by Dr. Tim Muldoon

June 2019

5 Takeaways from the Pope’s Exhortation to Young People by Dr. Tim Muldoon


May 2019

Pastors, parishes and faithful join nationwide effort to help migrants by Dr. Tim Muldoon


April 2019

How to pray well this Lent: consult the poor by Dr. Tim Muldoon


March 2019

Women Heroes of the Church by Dr. Tim Muldoon


February 2019

Celebrating black Catholics during Black History Month by Dr. Tim Muldoon


January 2019

Faith comes alive when disaster strikes by Dr. Tim Muldoon


December 2018

The nativity story, rooted high above the desert floor by Dr. Tim Muldoon


November 2018

Restorative Justice by Dr. Tim Muldoon


October 2018

The Impact of the Encuentro by Dr. Tim Muldoon


September 2018

Handing on the mission to lay women by Dr. Tim Muldoon


August 2018

New Church on the Border Symbolizes God’s Presence Among Migrants by Dr. Tim Muldoon


July 2018

George Washington embraced immigrants, and so does the Catholic Church by Dr. Tim Muldoon

June 2018

Little Rock and the future of the U.S. Church by Dr. Tim Muldoon

April 2018

A Mission to the Poor by Dr. Tim Muldoon


March 2018 

Embracing the Young in Purple Churches by Dr. Tim Muldoon


February 2018

11 o'clock in the Morning by Dr. Tim Muldoon


January 2018

Easing burdens in the Virgin Islands by Dr. Tim Muldoon


December 2017

Why lies he in such mean estate? by Dr. Tim Muldoon


November 2017

Bridges Over Troubled Borders by Dr. Tim Muldoon


October 2017
Less Helping, More Serving by Dr. Tim Muldoon


September 2017
A New Mission Church is Inspired by the Memory of a “Beautiful American” by Dr. Tim Muldoon


August 2017
Making Room for the Strangers in Our Midst by Dr. Tim Muldoon


June 2017
Choosing Unity in a Time of Divisiveness by Father Jack Wall


May 2017
What the Young Lakota at Standing Rock Can Teach Us About Hope by Father Jack Wall


April 2017
A Journey to America's Peripheries by Father Jack Wall