Camp Catholic is a virtual summer camp for all ages that will deepen your faith and understanding of the Catholic Church all summer long. As a digital camper, you'll receive a weekly email with a Gospel reading, spiritual reflections and challenges, catechetical infographics and other fun and educational content to jump start your prayer life.

Posters from Camp Catholic are now available! All proceeds help Catholic Extension strengthen the Catholic Church in the United States. 

Week 1: The Memorial of the Immaculate Heart of Mary 






Week 2:

The Liturgical Year 





Week 3:

The Eucharist







Week 4:








All You Holy Men and Women Pray for Us Week 5:

The Saints





Love Your Neighbor As Yourself Week 6:

The Good Samaritan 






Week 7:

The Sacraments








Pray without ceasing

Week 8:







Week 9:

Giving to the Church 








Week 10:






Week 11:

Sacred Spaces and Symbols 






Week 12:








Week 13:

What is Catholic Extension?