2016 Feasts and Saints Catholic Calendar

Catholic Extension’s 2016 Feasts and Saints Calendar presents magnificent artwork of many of our most beloved saints. Pages are filled with inspiring examples of how to live joyfully in faith and in spirit.

(Available in English, Polish and English/Spanish)

2016 Pope Francis Catholic Calendars

This 2016 Pope Francis and the Domestic Church Calendar celebrates the Holy Father’s devotion to the family. Featuring beautiful photos and quotes from the Pope, this calendar will provide inspiration everyday of the year.

2016 Rejoice O Earth Catholic Calendars

Stunning images of God’s creation takes you to mission dioceses from Alaska to Puerto Rico who are benefitting from Catholic Extension’s support. Our 2016 Rejoice, O Earth! Calendar captures the magnificent landscapes that provide the settings for these vibrant dioceses and the faithful who serve within them.

(Available in English and English/Spanish)

2016 Nuestra de Catolica Catholic Calendars

To honor the rich Hispanic culture found in so many of the faith communities that Catholic Extension supports, we offer the 2016 Nuestra Fe Católica Calendar. Highlighting iconic images from our Catholic traditions and beautiful scriptural passages, this calendar is captivating.