Catholic Extension

Catholic Extension occasionally receives letters of thanks from those in our mission dioceses who were directly impacted by our funding. Here's a note we recently received from Fr. Dougald McCallum of the St. Joseph’s Catholic Community in Choteau, Montana, in thanksgiving for funding that helped to pay for a new boiler.

Dear Catholic Extension,

On behalf of St. Joseph’s Catholic Community, we are grateful for the grant support of $7,920 to replace the antiquated boiler we are presently depending on. The new boiler will give us the confidence that the rectory and our social center will remain nice and warm in the extreme cold winter months of Northern Montana. Considering the fact that cattle vastly outnumber the human population in Northern Montana, we simply cannot afford large expenses beyond our parish collections.

Again, thank you for keeping the operations of the Extension going so that the rural and sparsely populated areas of our country can continue to offer the teachings of Jesus and the Bread of Life to our faithful.

Fr. Dougald McCallum & the St. Joseph’s Community
Diocese of Helena
Choteau, Montana