Terry Witherell

This past summer at World Youth Day, Pope Francis charged the young people who were present to “go out and make some noise.” (Another translation could be, “Go make a mess.”) Every day, the Pope is reminding us in different ways how important it is, as Catholics, that we reach out and serve those beyond ourselves. We are called to follow Jesus, to go out to the margins and serve those who are less fortunate than we are. We are called to extend our Church.

Catholic Extension Pope Francis World Youth Day Extension Day

Catholic Extension is taking Pope Francis’ call to heart, for we have a unique connection to the Pope. Catholic Extension was established as a papal society in 1905. Our mission has always been to extend the Catholic Church in America to the margins. So we are inviting everyone to come join us as we do that.

Today we are announcing our newest initiative, “Extension Day.” We are inviting everyone: families, parishes, schools, and especially youth and young adults, to find a day where they can go outside of their comfort zones, outside of their church or school or other regular boundaries, to reach out to others. This can be done through service, prayer, or philanthropy. Everyone should document what they have done in a short video. All of these video submissions will be shared on Facebook, to serve as inspiration for others.

This is the best part: Catholic Extension, with the help of our Chancellor, Cardinal George, will share some of these submissions with Pope Francis, on the first anniversary of his call to be Pope. Pope Francis will see what the American Catholic Church is doing, to extend itself beyond its borders, to serve those on the margins.

So come join us, and make some noise!