Father Jack Wall

Dear Friends,

Happy Easter!  These simple words fill us with joy.  Christ is risen, and this glorious day is ours to savor as we celebrate His victory over the powers of darkness and death and His promise of Risen Life!  

I hope you are also feeling a renewed sense of joy as we welcome our new Holy Father, Pope Francis.  In his humble manner, he is reminding us to raise each other up – especially the poor among us!  He is showing us how to create a welcoming and embracing Church that joyfully gives witness to Risen Life through our love for one another, and clearly and certainly for the last, the lost and the least among us.    

Through your devotion and dedication to Catholic Extension, you have been wonderfully serving the poor – and bringing the light of Christ to some of the most often-forgotten communities in the United States.  You have been supporting ministries that are a lifeline of hope to those who could too readily become dispirited and discouraged.

Through your steadfast support of religious education for our youth, campus ministry for our young adults and faith formation for our families, you are building the next generation of Catholics in our country.  Through Catholic Extension, you are also helping to develop a first-ever group of Hispanic lay leaders – dedicated Catholics who will work to ensure the future of a vibrant and faith-filled Latino community.

Today is a day to celebrate our faith in the Risen Lord and His promise of a life-giving love that is stronger than death itself.  We thank you, and we bless you for bringing that hope and promise to our brothers and sisters in faith across America.

Fr. Jack Wall
President, Catholic Extension