Diocese of Salt Lake City, Utah

A True Son of the Missions


As a Catholic son of Utah, Monsignor J. Terence Fitzgerald has always known the needs of isolated Catholics. In a land where his fellow Catholics are literally few and far between, he has served for the past five decades teaching the Word of Christ while building Catholic churches and communities throughout the region.

From organizing meetings in local homes, to helping parishes borrow or lease meeting space, to acquiring or building multi-purpose facilities across Utah, Monsignor Fitzgerald has built communities from brick-and-mortar, along with heart and soul.

But his dedication to the faith did not stop when the buildings were built. Monsignor Fitz led searches to find resident priests or, when there was an acute shortage of available priests, instituted a circuit of priests to serve the greater Catholic community. He did not rest until each and every Catholic in his district had a place to gather, celebrate the Sacraments, receive catechesis, and express their religious identities. With his hard work and his encouragement, several lay leaders from many different economic and racial backgrounds received formal training so they could share their love of Christ.

“Msgr. Fitzgerald was the guiding light for our transition from a small group working together to form a Catholic Community, to a place where over 120 people came for Easter Sunday Mass, where the Blessed Sacrament could be worshiped at Monday Holy Hour, where babies and children were baptized, and where Msgr. Fitzgerald came to speak eloquently and lovingly during Mass about our mission of love and service,” said parishioner Toni Faran.