“Her joy and love for Christ, the Church and the people under her pastoral care are always the focus of her immediate attention."

“She is a cheerful giver of her gifts. She shows compassion when it is needed and she also shows joy when that quality will help in a very difficult condition. Above all, she shows a powerful purpose of presence.

Sister Marie Rose Messingschlager, CDP, Diocese of Duluth, MN

Being the hands and feet of Christ is nothing new to Sister Marie Rose Messingschlager. For more than 30 years, she has ministered to the needs of Native American communities. Guided by her strong faith, Sister Messingschlager has been the presence of the Catholic Church on each of the five reservations she serves. Her efforts have produced beautiful celebrations of the Mass, incorporating elements of the native Anishinabe culture and culminating in a traditional meal for all to share. She has been essential in faith formation and lay ministry training, encouraging the people to share their faith with younger generations.

Sister Messingschlager is passionate about bringing the light of Christ to others. Through her service, she has helped the community embrace their baptismal promises. Together with Sister Messingschlager, they perform spiritual and corporal works of mercy, inspiring hope among those they serve.

For all that Sister Messingschlager does directly on the reservations, she goes the extra mile to serve Catholic Native Americans on both a diocesan and national level as well. She has been a guest speaker at seminaries, a panelist at national conferences and a resource for others who are dedicated to Native American ministry. With a humble spirit and a positive attitude, Sister Messingschlager is a faithful companion to the communities in her care.