“Our Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Sisters are proud volunteers. We are grateful for their witness and to witness countless good-hearted others who support this important ministry to the poor in our midst.”

“I know someone dear to me that was offered help from Room at the Inn. It made a huge difference in her life. The time and energy donated by this organization is wonderful and has changed the life of many who had nowhere else to turn.”

Room at the Inn, Diocese of Marquette, MI

For the homeless in Marquette, Michigan, there is always “Room at the Inn.” This grassroots effort began as the idea of Helen McCormick, a St. Vincent de Paul food pantry volunteer. Touched by the plight of the homeless she served, she sought to open a shelter to provide further care. Her vision was quickly embraced by six area churches and in 2007, the shelter became a reality.

Today, Room at the Inn is an example of how the power of faith can transform an entire community. Twelve churches of various denominations take turns hosting the shelter. More than 1,000 volunteers have been trained to serve its guests. In addition to the host churches, at least 10 other churches are involved through their gifts of food, supplies and monetary donations. The shelter has built a true spirit of ecumenism throughout Marquette.

Most importantly, the shelter is shining the light of Christ throughout Marquette. Guests of the shelter receive more than a meal and a bed, they receive a warm welcome and affirmation of their human dignity and worth. Touched by the faith of the volunteers who serve them, guests themselves have become the light of Christ as well.