“Let us support her excellent work in our community and for her great generosity; she is an outstanding example for us. Well deserved recognition!”

“She is a great human being that is always assisting the Hispanic Community. I have not seen such a dedication to God and the community in a while. She leads by example.”

Gloria Coronado, Archdiocese of San Antonio, TX

When Gloria Coronado takes to the airwaves, people hear more than just her voice – they hear a message of love and mercy that touches their hearts. As owner of the Guadalupe Radio Network, Coronado offers live programming to spread the good news of Christ to the Hispanic community in San Antonio.

Although her on-air presence brings hope to the community, Coronado does so much more to build the faith in her diocese. She coordinates the Escuela de la Fe (School of Faith), which focuses on the importance of faith formation, vocations and family life. She developed a certification program for Hispanic catechists, to ensure that the formational needs of the Hispanic community were being met. Additionally, she has founded numerous conferences dedicated to strengthening families and renewing faith within individuals. The events she sponsors draw thousands of people, inviting them into a deeper relationship with Christ and the Church. As a result of her welcoming personality, Coronado has brought many people into greater communion with the Church and each other.