Felician Sisters of Kingstree

“For the past twenty years, these Felician Sisters have given their time and talent to the people of the rural, southern community of Kingstree, South Carolina. I have witnessed the works of charity and sacrifice that have transformed this town.”

“By living among the residents of one of the harshest neighborhoods in the town, they have earned the trust and confidence of young and old alike.”

Felician Sisters of Kingstree, South Carolina, Diocese of Charleston, SC

The light of Christ began to shine a little brighter when the Felician Sisters arrived in Kingstree, South Carolina. Knowing that God had called them to serve but not sure quite how, the sisters moved to Thorne Avenue and began to transform the impoverished, crime-ridden community one person at a time.

They began their outreach with an after-school tutoring program for neighborhood children, a critical component in breaking the cycle of poverty for future generations. Their ministry continued to grow through a food pantry and community meals program, home repairs, clothing distribution, prayer groups and family support services. As the sisters met the needs of this desperately poor town, residents experienced a deepening sense of their own faith and trust in God.

As the sisters built faith, hope began to flourish. They have done more than just serve physical needs – they have tended to the spiritual life of the community as well. Every loving action they undertake is accompanied by prayer and shared with those they serve. Even the atmosphere of their neighborhood has improved since the sisters arrived, with residents and the sisters working together to keep the area safe. They are known throughout the region for their unconditional love, compassionate care and tireless commitment to the community.