Lumen Christi Award nominees

The inspiring stories of this year’s Lumen Christi Award nominees are as varied as the Church itself.  Since its inception in 1978, the Lumen Christi Award, presented by Catholic Extension, has been given to priests, women religious, and lay leaders from across the nation. While they represent different ethnicities, talents and geographic regions, they have much in common: They stand out as shining examples of communities of faithful Catholics who simply can’t do it alone.

Each year, the recipient is selected from a pool of nominees, sent in by Extension Dioceses that recognize their incredible work. This year’s group of 47 nominees—pastors, sisters, lay leaders, brothers, deacons and community groups—show the enormous breadth of the Catholic Church across the country. These Catholics are offering their hearts and hands to build faith, inspire hope and ignite change. In America’s poorest places, they bring the light of Christ to those who struggle.

Anchorage | Arecibo | Baker | Beaumont | Belleville | Bismarck | Boise | Chalan Kanoa | Colorado Springs | Crookston | Dodge City | Duluth | El Paso | Fairbanks | Fargo | Gallup | Grand Island | Great Falls-Billings | Helena | Jackson | Juneau | Kalamazoo | Knoxville | Lafayette | Las Cruces | Lexington | Little Rock | Marquette | Mobile | New Ulm | Our Lady of Lebanon | Our Lady of Nareg | Ponce | Portland | Rapid City | Sacramento | San Angelo | San Bernardino | Santa Rosa | Shreveport | St. Josaphat | St. Maron | Stockton | Superior | Tucson | Tulsa | Yakima

Lumen Christi Award nominee Jenny Michaelson
Lumen Christi Award Nominee Sister Georgina Beaz-Díaz

Lumen Christi Award Nominees Vincent and Maria Treviño
Lumen Christi Award Nominee Father Ron Foshage, MS

Lumen Christi Award Nominee Patricia Hogrebe
Nominee Marci Loomis

We are proud to honor all of the Lumen Christi Award Nominees for 2020. Learn more about the award here.