Catholic Extension Across America

Since 1905, Catholic Extension has contributed more than $550 million to strengthen and support the 94 poor mission dioceses in our country. Together with our donors, we're investing in 15 million Catholics, each with their own story. Whether they are dynamic young adults who embrace and share their faith through campus ministry at Oklahoma State University, or two women religious who have dedicated their lives to supporting downtrodden residents in the struggling Benton Harbor community, they are motivated by a love for Christ and a desire to serve.

Click on the interactive map of the United States to discover the many ways that Catholic Extension's support reaches the far corners of the country and to read the inspiring stories of the people we meet. Together with our donors, we are helping them unleash a rich faith in their communities- a faith that transforms hearts, lives and society.

Learn the many ways we help and find out how to make a gift that will build faith, inspire hope and ignite change across the United States and it's territories.


Catholic Extension's support reaches 23 dioceses in the midwestern region of the United States.

For two sisters, and more than 12,000 people in Benton Harbor, the Catholic Community Center throws open the doors to Christ’s love - Not so very long ago, Benton Harbor was the place to be in western Michigan. Situated on the shores of Lake Michigan, the town bustled with manufacturing, commerce and culture. But like so many other communities...


Catholic Extension's support reaches 16 dioceses in the western region of the United States.

The lessons and fellowship formed during a week-long stay at Legendary Lodge have a lasting impact - Nestled in the Rocky Mountains on the edge of Salmon Lake, a spirited game is unfolding throughout the rustic campgrounds of Legendary Lodge. Teenagers in costume are trying to guess which virtue or vice the other represents...


Catholic Extension's support reaches 12 dioceses in the southwest region of the United States.

Texas Parish Thrives with Resident Pastor - During World War II, members of the Catholic community in Van Horn, Texas, made a promise to one another. If all of their sons returned home safely, they would build a new church to honor Our Lady of Fatima. More than 60 years later, Our Lady of Fatima stands as a reminder...


Catholic Extension's support reaches 19 dioceses in the southeast region of the United States.

For grade school students in Richmond, the gift of a school bus is heaven sent - In many ways, All Saints Catholic School is no different from any other Catholic school across the country—children learn about their faith along with lessons in math and reading. But unlike many Catholic schools, All Saints...


Catholic Extension's support reaches 3 dioceses across the state of Alaska.

Memoirs of the Alaskan Clergy from 12,000 Feet - “How was your weekend?” may be a typical comment you hear around the water cooler in offices nationwide. Imagine our surprise when we asked the same question to Father Scott Garrett of Sacred Heart Parish in Wasilla, Alaska...

Puerto Rico & Carribean

Catholic Extension's support reaches 7 dioceses in U.S. territories in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Healthy Marriages, Healthy Families in the Diocese of Fajardo-Humacao, Puerto Rico -With the divorce rate on the island of Puerto Rico hovering near 60 percent and more and more young people rushing in and out of relationships, Carlos Torrado knew something had to be done.

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