Financial Management Training Initiative

The purpose of this initiative is to help pastors in your diocese confidently and competently act as chief stewards of parish resources.

Catholic Extension has partnered with the Diocesan Fiscal Management Conference (DFMC) to offer a two–day workshop for pastors and those preparing to become pastors. This agreement covers 100 percent of the cost of the workshop. Catholic Extension also will provide 50 percent of the cost of lodging (up to $2,000) for priests who require overnight accommodations to attend the workshop. 

The workshop will cover basic topics of financial management, including Bookkeeping 101, Financial Statements 101, Budgeting 101, and Checks & Balances 101.

Experts from the DFMC network who are very knowledgeable about the nuances of Church finances and sensitive to the unique perspectives of priests will travel to your diocese to offer this workshop at a mutually agreed location and time.

Duration: 2 days
Value to Participating Diocese: $17,000 (per workshop)


Overview of Financial Management Training for Priests Initiative

For More Information

Contact Terry Witherell, Senior Director of Mission, at 508.668.1786 or